Table 1

IOP, PS and other variables measured before premedication intramuscularly (T0), then 15 (T15) and 30 (T30) minutes following premedication in 16 dogs

Variable time point (minutes)
IOP (mmHg)18.9 (4.3)19.5 (3.2)18.6 (4)
PS (mm)8 (7–10)3 (3–4.8) (P<0.0001)2.5 (2–3.8) (P<0.0001)
SAP (mmHg)148.7 (39.5)147.9 (28.0)138.0 (19.0)
MAP (mmHg)108.4 (24.0)111.6 (21.8)106.5 (13.8)
DAP (mmHg)94.1 (36.8)89.4 (20.6)85.4 (14.3)
HR (beats per minute)116 (31)58 (31) (Pb=0.001)41 (10) (Pb<0.0001)
fR (breaths per minute)38 (11)21 (7) (Pb<0.0001)18 (7) (Pb<0.0001)
T (°C)38.8 (0.6)38.9 (0.6)38.6 (0.5)
  • Data are given as mean (sd) if the distribution was normal or as median (first quartile–third quartile) if the distribution was not normal.

  • P values refer to significant differences with respect to those obtained at T0. For multiple comparisons in the case of PS, P<0.017 is considered significant. In the rest of the multiple comparisons, Pb denotes P value adjusted by Bonferroni correction, where Pb<0.05 is considered significant.

  • DAP, diastolic non-invasive blood pressure; fR, respiratory rate; HR, heart rate; IOP, intraocular pressure; MAP, mean non-invasive blood pressure; PS, pupil size; SAP, systolic non-invasive blood pressure; T, temperature.