Table 3

Correlations between farm type and size and difference in AMU in 2016 and 2017 for 291 Swiss pig farms. Number of farms housing the respective age category (n), median, minimum (min) and maximum (max) of differences in AMU measured in nDCDch/animal/year between 2016 and 2017 for four age categories (sows, fattening pigs, suckling piglets and weaned piglets) and linear regression coefficients (rco) and P values for correlations between differences in AMU and farm size as well as farm type. All farms were participants of the Suissano Health Programme

Age categorySowsFattening pigsSuckling pigletsWeaned piglets
Difference 2016–2017 (nDCDch/animal/year)Median0.13100.02350.0122
Farm typerco−0.1240.156−0.0330.318
P value0.
Farm sizerco−0.032−0.0130.0180.003
P value0.
  • AMU, antimicrobial usage; nDCDch, number of defined course doses.