Table 1

Patient signalment; STT-1 results for left and right eyes (mm/min) for STT-1h, STT-1a and STT-1b; time (minutes) between premedication and STT-1b measurement

1Crossbreed>30 kgMN1 y 6 m182320.5192118181918.530
2French BulldogFN4 y 4 mn/a242323.513131330
3LabradorME5 y 5 mn/a202221211618.530
4Crossbreed 10–30 kgFE6 y 3 mn/a242323.516161630
5English Springer SpanielMN4 y 5 m18201913171510101030
6LabradorFE3 y 4 m212221.5192019.5221719.530
7Doberman PinscherFN7 y 9 m30262821192016201835
8LabradorME1 y 11 mn/a181918.58141130
9Golden RetrieverFN6 y 1 m303030262626232021.535
10RottweilerFN3 y 1 mn/a242524.5212120.580
11Jack Russell TerrierFE6 m232122232222.515171680
12Crossbreed>30 kgMN2 y191919201919.5201919.530
13Crossbreed 10–30 kgMN7 y 7 mn/a171817.5131212.540
14Tibetan TerrierMN9 y 3 mn/a212121171415.530
15LabradorMN3 y 3 mn/a191617.5141112.545
16LabradorME10 y 4 mn/a151816.5192019.570
17Crossbreed 10–30 kgFN5 y 3 m242424161917.516181735
18Cairn TerrierFN2 y 8 mn/a242524.5232423.545
19Golden RetrieverFN5 y 8 mn/a262224232624.530
20Lurcher XFN5 y 2 m172420.5201919.51708.545
21Border TerrierMN2 y 9 mn/a242223171817.520
22Cavalier King Charles SpanielFN6 y 1 mn/a201919.5161515.540
23LabradorMN7 y 8 mn/a192019.5181717.540
24LabradorME6 mn/a19171819171830
25CockerpooFN3 y 6 mn/a201819172219.530
26Cavalier King Charles SpanielFE2 y 4 mn/a232021.59131130
27Labrador XFN2 y 3 m20302522222220202045
28Staffordshire Bull TerrierFN1 y 7 m172018.5141715.510141235
29Crossbreed 10–30 kgFN4 y 3 m242424232021.523212235
30LabradorFE8 mn/a20222120161880
Total (mean±SD) 23.6±3.621.8±4.6 22.7±3.7 20.4±2.520.4±3.3 20.4±2.8 16.6±4.917.1±4.2 16.9±4.1
  • *Time between intramuscular premedication with methadone (0.3 mg/kg) and acepromazine (0.02 mg/kg) and STT-1b reading measured in minutes.

  • m, month; ME, entire male; MN, neutered male; FE, entire female; FN, neutered female; STT, Schirmer tear test; y, year.