Thromboelastography results from a wild loggerhead and a wild Kemp’s ridley sea turtle using protocol 9

SpeciesSampleTime (hours)R (minutes)K (minutes)α angle (°)MA (mm)LY30 (%)
LoggerheadFresh plasma10.90.881.8290
LoggerheadFresh plasma32.80.974.729.40
LoggerheadFrozen plasma241.20.881.526.20.7
Kemp’s ridleyFWB11.40.87972.40
Kemp’s ridleyFWB31.70.877.2720
Kemp’s ridleyFresh plasma36.90.883.451.70
Kemp’s ridleyFrozen plasma247.22.742.751.30
  • Fresh whole blood (FWB), and fresh and frozen plasma were used from each individual to determine the superior protocol using sea turtle-specific frozen thromboplastin. Insufficient sample volume prevented a fresh plasma sample being performed at a 1-hour time interval in the Kemp’s ridley.

  • α angle, clot formation rate; FWB, fresh whole blood; K, clot formation time; LY30, percentage of clot lysed after 30 minutes; MA, maximum amplitude (clot strength); R, reaction time.