Raw data of the results of DGGR lipase and Spec cPL assays for cases of histologically confirmed acute and chronic pancreatitis, and control animals, including signalment and time difference between blood sampling and biopsy or postmortem examination

Age (years)SexBreedDGGR lipase (IU/l)Spec cPL (μg/l)Time of blood sample relative to tissue sample (days)
10MNCrossbreed195.464216 before postmortem examination
10FNCrossbreed233.33751 after biopsy
5MNSpringer Spaniel106983 before biopsy
12FNBorder terrier73.1421 after biopsy
3.25MNLabradoodle61.2301 after biopsy
11FNChihuahua61.3597 after biopsy
9FNGreat dane x whippet273.24117 before postmortem examination
4FNCrossbreed63.2432 after biopsy
11FNCocker Spaniel454.254115 after biopsy
12.8FNJack Russell terrier379.537424 before postmortem examination
7MNCocker Spaniel11199391 before biopsy
12FECavalier King Charles Spaniel84.46211 days before biopsy
7.5MEHungarian Vizsla156.71692 days before postmortem examination
12MNEnglish pointer60.236Same day as postmortem examination
0.25FELabrador retriever42.3386 days before postmortem examination
8FNMaltese terrier61531 day before postmortem examination
6MNGolden retriever138.2190Same day as postmortem examination
6MNLabrador retriever43306 days before postmortem examination
  • DGGR, 1,2-o-dilauryl-rac-glycero glutaric acid-(6’-methylresorufin) ester; FE, female entire; FN, female neutered; ME, male entire; MN, male neutered; Spec cPL, specific canine pancreatic lipase.