Effects of type of calving on the occurrence of clinical mastitis and number of services per conception adjusting for calving year, calving month, parity and stage of lactation using generalised linear mixed effects models

Generalised linear mixed model
Outcome variablesNCalving yearCalving monthParityStage of lactationType of calvingAdjusted OR (95% CI)
Occurrence of clinical mastitis3785P<0.010.03P<0.01P<0.01P=0.610.95 (0.78 to 1.16)
Number of services per conception4195P=0.01–*–*P<0.01P=0.071.17 (0.99 to 1.40)
  • *Calving month (P=0.99) and parity (P=0.77) were not included in the multivariable analysis for number of services per conception.

  • CI, confidence interval; FTC, full-term calving; OR, odds ratio; PTC, preterm calving.