Final results of mixed-effects linear multivariable regression analysis of distal limb temperatures in cryotherapy-treated limbs compared with control limb HWST (n=6)

VariableCoefficient95% CIP value
Ambient temperature0.4910.282 to 0.699≤0.001
Time−0.003−0.005 to −0.002≤0.001
 Cryotherapy HWST−17.964−18.487 to −17.441≤0.001
 Cryotherapy pastern temperature−12.596−13.118 to −12.074≤0.001
Ice replacement
 >10 minutes of replacement1.4680.713 to 2.256≤0.001
Constant19.75914.730 to 24.768≤0.001
  • The outcome variables are distal limb temperature (HWST and pastern surface temperature) as measured in °C.

  • HWST, hoof wall surface temperature.