Table 3:

Selected staff free-text comments related to student focus group themes

15Although some students are sufficiently motivated to develop and execute a research project with minimal support, there is too little guidance and feedback for the experience to be a positive one for most students. The lack of guidance is a cause of great anxiety to many, and if 2 research projects were to be maintained, one could argue that it is RP1 where there is most need for advice and support, not RP2.
25I believe they need close supervision for an RP1 and less so for an RP2.
20It also gives the erroneous impression that research can occur with little supervision. This is completely opposite of what true research or scientific discovery involves. To impart enthusiasm in research one needs to be mentored, not just supervised.
18If the students would be assigned a supervisor who would help them from the beginning this could be a much more beneficial experience for the students and the staff involved. I find that staff is asked to put effort into this project without a chance of getting anything useful (*eg, a publication) out of it, since they are not involved from the start and students are too inexperienced to produce something worthwhile without proper supervision.