Percentiles (25th, 50th and 75th) of animal-based direct indicators, including unsuitable body condition score for lactation stage, hock injuries, clinical lameness (locomotion score 3, 4, 5) and dirtiness of cow’s coat (average percentage of cows with hygiene score >2 in the three zones of cow’s coat), and indirect indicators including productive and reproductive parameters assessed on 73 dairy farms in north-western Spain

Description of parameters based on the animalPercentile
Animal-based welfare indicators (n=73 dairy farms)
 Unsuitable body condition score (%)425261
 Hock injuries (%)254056
 Clinical lameness (%)5916
 Dirtiness of cow’s coat (%)637383
Productive parameters (n=63)
 BTSCC (cells/mL)154186254
 DIM (days)157184202
 Herd milk production (305ME, kg)8.4349.1119.734
Reproductive parameters (n=73)
 Days of calving to first service interval (CFSI)707581
 Percentage of conception at first service (FSC %)233035
 Calving to conception interval (CCI)132152171
 Percentage of heat detections (HD %)495360
 Average of calving number (CN)
 Percentage of average conception (C %)303437
  • 305ME, average total herd milk production projected 305 days mature-equivalent in kg; BTSCC, bulk tank somatic cells count of the sampled month (cells/mL); DIM, days in milk (yearly average)