Table 2A

Importance of job characteristics for employed practitioners and differences between women and men in a survey of work and life satisfaction in veterinary practitioners in Germany (2016)

Female employed practitionersMale employed practitionersSignificance*
Good working atmosphere110844.790.44511464.680.545 0.011
Reasonable salary210844.260.64421464.450.625 <0.001
Holidays and leisure time310834.250.69431464.270.7340.632
Professional development410844.240.73441464.180.7840.521
Independent work510844.120.77441464.180.8340.250
Attractive working time610844.090.76471464.090.7740.926
Diversified occupation710834.050.77461464.120.8040.293
Family-friendly arrangements810833.781.11481463.461.194 0.002
  • *Significances were tested by Mann-Whitney U test; importance was defined as 1=very unimportant to 5=very important.

  • ±s, sd; R, rank; X, mean scores.