Table 2B

Importance of job characteristics for self-employed practitioners and differences between women and men in a survey of work and life satisfaction in veterinary practitioners in Germany (2016)

Female self-employed practitionersMale self-employed practitionersSignificance*
Good working atmosphere14034.730.49512404.630.535 0.012
Independent work24034.520.63522394.520.5950.898
Diversified occupation34034.350.72432394.290.7040.176
Reasonable salary44034.170.64442404.280.634 0.016
Professional development54034.030.80462403.890.814 0.034
Holidays and leisure time64033.980.81452403.960.8440.988
Attractive working time74033.840.83472403.870.8340.610
Family-friendly arrangements84023.591.17482403.361.144 0.009
  • *Significances were tested by Mann-Whitney U test; importance was defined as 1=very unimportant to 5=very important.

  • ±s, sd; R, rank; X, mean scores.