Table 2:

Median, minimum and maximum values for degree of influence of factors on the choice of suture material. Participants were asked to assign a number on a scale of 1–10 to the degree of influence of various factors on their suture choice (1 = does not influence choice, 10 = major influence on choice)

RCVS certificateDiplomaNone
9. Taught as student5*1–83†1–107*†1–10
10. Practice policy5‡1–101*‡1–107†1–10
11. Colleague influence51–103†1–106†1–10
12. Postgraduate training9*1–109†1–108 *†1–10
13. Own clinical experience94–1081–1091–10
14. Financial cost3*1–102*‡1–65†1–10
15. Initial strength of suture95–1091–1081–10
16. Initial material properties9†6–1010†5–108*†1–10
17. Handling properties85–1083–1081–10
18. Rate of absorption85–1091–1081–10
19. Rate of loss of strength95–109†1–108†1–10
20. Type of needle81–108†2–108†1–10
21.Swage on needle91–1010†5–108*‡1–10
22. Colour11–411–811–8
  • *None v certificate.

  • †Diploma v none.

  • ‡Certificate v diploma.

  • RCVS, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

  • Factor numbers related to question number in survey (see supplementary file).