Table 4(B):

Ligature patterns used. Participants were asked what ligature pattern they used for routine surgical procedures in a 25 kg dog

FactorSimple interrupted (%)Square knot (%)Surgeon’s knot (%)Transfixing (%)Sliding square knot (%)Miller’s knot (%)Other (%)
Ovarian pedicle ligation15.85.99.410.523.510.35.329.456.215.817.619.231.623.5310.51.510.50.5
Femoral artery ligation10.511.811.936.935.314.95.317.662.126.323.55.510.511.820.510.52
Cervical stump ligation5.35.98.411.
  • Numbers are displayed as a percentage of the responses within the qualification group.

  • Cert, certificate; Dip, diploma; NAQ, no additional qualifications.