Table 1:

Median or mean of all parameters at each measuring point (MP) (n=22)

MP Median FLOW (±MD)*Median SO2 (±MD)*Median rHb (±MD)*Mean IW (±sd)*
MP1 (strangulated segment)34.5±67.540.5±25.9103.5±25.23.7±1.9
MP2 (prestenotic; 50 cm orally MP1)248±102.285±20.499±11.41.9±0.8
MP3 (poststenotic; 50 cm aborally MP1) n=16205.5±63.1 74.5±21.9 86.5±14.33.1±1.9
MP4 (corpus caeci)294±86.486±10.797±11.41.5±0.4
MP5 (pelvic flexure)233±79.790±17.779±10.91.6±0.5
MP6 (colon descendens)230±67.288±15.782±11.81.6±0.4
  • FLOW, blood flow (a.u.); IW = intestinal wall thickness (mm); MD, mean deviation from the median; MP1, measuring point 1; MP2, measuring point 2; MP3, measuring point 3; MP4, measuring point 4; MP5, measuring point 5; MP6, measuring point 6; rHB, relative amount of haemoglobin (a.u.); SO2 = oxygen saturation (%).

  • *Data are rounded to the first figure after the decimal.

  • †Significantly correlated to increasing intestinal wall thickness.