Ciliostasis test and gross lesions of infectious bronchitis virus (IBV)-vaccinated and unvaccinated chicks following challenge with IS/885 or IS/1494 isolates

Ciliostasis testGross lesions*Ciliostasis testGross lesions
GroupsProtection score†TracheaKidneyProtection scoreTracheaKidney
I600 (0/1)a1 (0/1)b800 (0/1)a0 (0/1)a
II830 (0/0)a0 (0/0)a940 (0/0)a0 (0/0)a
III01 (0/2)b1 (0/2)b01 (0/1)b1 (0/1)b
  • Group I=d0:H120, d14:CR88; group II=d0:H120+CR88, d14:CR88; group III=unvaccinated control

  • *Severity of gross lesions induced by virulent IBV infection and data are expressed as the median (minimum/maximum) (Number of samples=10 per group). Different superscript lowercase letters within same columns indicate significant difference (P<0.05), while data with same letters indicate that there were no significant differences (P>0.05)

  • †Protection score=1, the mean score for vaccinated and challenged group/mean score for challenge control group ×100; the higher the score, the better the protection