Demographics of competition horses and reasons for feeding nutritional supplements from an online questionnaire of 599 owners and riders of dressage and eventing competition horses*

Dressage owners/ridersEventing owners/riders
Mean (range) number of horses that the respondents were competing1 (0–7)2 (0–10)
Mean (range) age of top competition horse (n=537)11 (4–21) years11 (4–29) years
Most common breed of top competition horse (n=537)Thoroughbred
Thoroughbred cross
Irish sports horse
Thoroughbred cross
Mean (range) number of events in which top horse competed per year (n=537)12 (3–50)17 (0–104)
Main reason identified by participant for feeding nutritional supplements to their horse (n=542)
Treatment of a specific problem143 (35.3%)45 (32.8%)
Prevention of a high-risk problem137 (33.8%)39 (28.5%)
Enhancement of performance105 (25.9%)44 (32.1%)
Supplements not used20 (4.9%)9 (6.6%)
Mean (range) number of supplements fed to top horse (n=537)2 (0–6)2 (0–12)
  • *If smaller numbers of respondents completed a section, the number of respondents is given as (n=)