Owner demographics of 599 horse owners and riders* that completed an online questionnaire on the use of supplements in horses competing in dressage or eventing

Owner demographicsDressage owners/ridersEventing owners/ riders
Mode (percentage of respondents) age range of owner/rider (years)22–34 (31.3%)22–34 (43.3%)
Mode (percentage of respondents) gender of owner/riderFemale (97.4%)Female (91.3%)
Mean (range) number of years owner/rider had been riding28 (−60)22 (3–50)
Mean (range) number of years respondent had been competing in the discipline6 (0.2–40)9 (7–35)
Level of competition (n=566)
 Unaffiliated100 (23.9%)24 (16.3%)
 Novice affiliated154 (36.8%)73 (49.7%)
 Intermediate affiliated96 (22.9%)37 (25.2%)
 Advanced affiliated69 (16.5%)13 (8.8%)
  • *If smaller numbers of respondents completed a section, the number of respondents is given as (n=)